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A deserted house that became a divine home

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Bárbara abreu Arquitetos
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When you see this transformation of a pile of rubble into a striking and beautiful home, you're not going to believe your eyes. Seriously, this might be the single most dramatic revamp that we have ever shown you, so get ready to be awestruck! the architect in charge of designing the new house really had their work cut out for them and not a lot to work with, which makes the end result all the more amazing. Words can't come close to fully explaining the awesomeness of this build, so let's get straight to the pictures!

Before: nothing more than rubble.

We don't think you can actually call this long-abandoned barely-there shell of a property a home. Let's call a spade a spade and admit that this is little more than a pile of discarded rubble that really can't be magically transformed into any sort of livable home, shall we?

After: eating our words!

Erm… is this actually the same site? How on earth could a fabulous modern, eye-catching and innovative home have strung up where before there was just weeds and debris? Wow! The angular dimensions of this house are like an optical illusion, which makes us think there has been some kind of dark magic performed here even more, and with a beautiful swimming pool added as well, we can't even remember what was here originally!

After: a grand facade.

Well you can't deny that this home has presence, can you? A large building, with twist and turn, glazing and sloping roofs everywhere you look, it challenges you to figure it out and make sense of it, but we're happy to just be dumbstruck! We love the mix of black, white and natural stone to create a unique aesthetic and it sits within the garden so well!

After: natural splendor.

A beige kitchen might not be for everyone, but when you blend it with great swathes of natural wood, we can't argue that it looks utterly perfect! The enclosed, cozy feel of this room lends itself so well to family mealtimes and just look to the left! You can see some of the original house remnants that have been salvaged and brought into the structure! Now that's incredible!

After: a quiet nod to the past.

If we had to be totally honest, we'd admit that we assumed the original structure was knocked down completely and built over, but here, you can really see that wherever possible, original walls have been kept, lovingly restored and brought into the interior scheme! What a beautiful way to pay homage to the bare bones that were ripe for renovation!

After: amazing tonal harmony.

We are so blown away by how well everything works, tonally! The gray original stonework meets natural wood with a grace that is impossible to fake and then white walls and a beige kitchen join the party and mix things up again. Old meets new and bright meets subdued, as though they are all old friends and we love it!

After: funky finishing touches.

Of course, the owners of this new home wanted to put their stamp on the property and we can see that here, with the unusual staircase! Offset treads make for a really interesting look and when you pair that with a cast concrete handrail, there is something funky and cool going on! You have to wonder how many other weird and wonderful touches there are, throughout the home!

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