12 Beautiful window and grill designs for your home

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A window not only provides the interior of your house with enough sunlight. But it also makes your exterior look good. That is why choosing a design which matches the architecture of your home is a must. Apart from this if you are looking to add grills to your existing windows, then that too needs to look beautiful. In today’s ideabook, we are going to share with you 12 fantastic window and grill designs that can be incorporated in any home.

1. Glass window

If you do not want to compromise on the amount of natural light that enters your home. Then try considering a plain glass window. You can make it even more study by adding a wooden frame.

2. Vertical grill bars

For adding a layer of security to your glass windows opting for a similar looking vertical bar grill is a good idea. You can even customise them by adjusting the distance between each bar.

3. Floor to ceiling windows

In case you are trying to create a modern looking exterior then a floor to ceiling window might be the right choice. It not only looks good from the inside but also act as a grand outdoor facade.

4. Wooden bar windows

If simplicity is something that you like then try considering a similar design. These windows are readily available and can be painted with different colours to give it a customised touch.

5. Vertical half and half

One might think that a floor-to-ceiling window is a permanent structure which cannot be opened. But by following a similar design, you will be able to create a full-size window which opens in the middle.

6. Traditional windows

The best type of windows that you can add to a rustic looking place are these traditional ones. They are made of two wooden flaps which open in the middle. You can even get the flaps of these windows carved as per your preference.

7. English inspired

If you want a Victorian or English inspired house then getting similar windows made is highly recommended. The structure is made out of four tiny windows which can open and close independently.

8. With arches

In case you have a palatial home or bungalow then these elegant windows with arches are an excellent choice. They are so dramatic that you would not need any other decorative material.

9. Wave like grill

Whenever you are looking to create window grills, iron can be an excellent material to consider. It is easily moldable which is why you can even build wave-like designs.

10. Sliding windows

For decorating small homes with windows, an ideal choice would be a sliding one. These windows can also incorporate any design and pattern making them a great alternative.

11. Horizontal grills

One of the most common grill designs that goes well with any window is of horizontal bars. Also, due to the thickness of the bars, they are incredibly secure.

12. Curved steel grills

Wrought iron can be an expensive material when you are looking to create grills. That is why a cheaper alternative is steel. It is moldable and gives you a chance to try out different designs.

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