10 Beautiful living room designs for Pakistani homes

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Carefully decorating the living room of your house is essential since it is the only area which is designed to entertain people. Also, the interiors of this part leave a lasting impression on your guests. Putting a few pieces of furniture together is not called interior decoration. Instead, you should focus on other elements which help uplift the vibe of the area. In this ideabook, we will show you 10 beautiful living room designs which are ideal for any urban Pakistani home.

1. Narrow layout

If you have a narrow living room, then you can opt for a similar layout pattern. In this, the long wall has been used to place a triple seater sofa whereas the other side has a two-seater love couch. It is the ideal way to maximise the seating capacity of the room.

2. Minimalist design

Another way to decorate a small living room is by opting for a minimalist design concept. You should only add furniture pieces which are necessary for the place. Also, you should keep it low when it comes to decorative elements.

3. Pulling the look together

Even if you have different types of furniture pieces in a small living room, you can still pull the look together. The simplest way to do so is by adding a carpet which compliments different design themes. For example, the design of this room has opted for a blue rug which acts as the point of focus.

4. Modern furniture

If you are in love with the minimalistic design theme, then the best way to complement it is by adding modern pieces of furniture. By doing so, you make sure that all the elements look in proper proportion to each other.

5. TV unit

In case you do not want your sofas to take all the attention then incorporating another element is highly recommended. For instance, in this room, the tv unit is the first thing that a person notices when they walk-in.

6. Parallel layout

In case you have a square area dedicated to your drawing room then following a parallel layout pattern is worth the short. This way you will have enough space to walk around in the centre.

7. One sided layout

Another idea which can be used for a narrow living room is a single-sided furniture layout. By doing so, the other side is entirely free for walking or placing your entertainment unit.

8. Separating the areas

Separating a small room into two areas can be a bit challenging. That is why you should opt for semi-permanent options like a see-through partition. It will not interfere with your view and yet mark the desired areas.

9. Touch of colour

For those of you who want their small living room to look vibrant adding a touch of colour is a must. It can be done in the form of a colourful chair or a stool.

10. Focal wall

Who said you could not make your small living room area look beautiful? To create a unique feature in this particular part of the house, you can try building a focal wall using wood and natural stone.

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