20 Amazing doors and windows for Pakistani homes

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The external doors and windows of your house can also help you create a beautiful facade. Apart from this, since they have to witness extreme weather conditions, you must choose them carefully. Some of the best materials that you can select to create doors and windows are tinted glass, wood, and metal. In this ideabook, will show you 20 fantastic examples of the same for Pakistani homes.

1. Full size wooden door

If you have a grand home, then a full-size wooden door like this is an excellent choice. Also, the elegant carving on the door makes the design stand out.

2. Glass sliding door

In case you want something more modern then opting for a glass sliding door is also worth a shot. You can either choose a plain glass or a tinted one.

3. Single leaf door

Creating a small entrance becomes much more comfortable with a similar looking single leaf door. To make it look classy, the owners have painted it light grey.

4. Shifting windows

For those of you who are looking to save space creating sliding windows is a great option. Also, these windows are not that heavy as the traditional ones.

5. Wood and glass door

If you do not want a plain wooden door, then you can jazz it up with a glass panel in the middle just like the designer has for this fixture.

6. Rustic door

For homes that are more towards the rustic side creating a door with similar effects is necessary. That is why the owners have opted for an entry made out of barrel wood with iron knobs.

7. Modern looking door

Another way to make your door look modern is by opting for a wooden frame with rectangular glass panels. Also, these doors can be bought premade.

8. Countryside touch

In case you want a more traditional looking door then you can incorporate similar designs in the panel. Also adding a coloured glass on the top gives it a distinctive look.

9. Side glass panels

If you are looking to create a new design using glass and wood, then try placing the panels on the side. This way you have a sturdy wooden door with fantastic glass panels.

10. Delicate windows

Creating delicate looking windows for the exterior facade of your house is very easy. All you have to do is opt for sleek designs as seen in this picture.

11. Multiple colours

Incorporating multiple colours on your front door can also be an extremely simple way of making it look beautiful. The embossed lines on this door make the colour pop.

12. With metal strips

You can even try replacing the glass panel with metal strips if you want a door which is study and gives you complete privacy.

13. Carved doors

Instead of carving on only a small section of the door you can opt for an entirely designed one. This will make sure that your door acts as a statement piece.

14. Iron window grills

A great way to make your windows look amazing is by adding iron grills. The best part is that you can mould this material in any shape to create a unique design.

15. Window with an arch

Lastly, another window design that you can consider for a modern home is one with an arch. This slight modification will make your external facade look amazing.

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