10 Amazing false ceiling designs

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We decorate the interior of our house with a lot of love. Then why should the ceiling of your home be left out? With the help of prefabricated fixtures and plaster, it is now possible to create any design that you like on your ceiling as well. They not only look beautiful but are also lightweight so as to not harm your roof. In this ideabook, you will find ten amazing false ceiling designs that can be installed in your home.

1. Multicolour backlights

The best part about creating a false ceiling is that you can play up with different colours and light fixtures. It allows you to have a mood lighting effect without much hassle.

2. Wooden design

If you want a false ceiling which looks unique, then you can try incorporating hanging wooden frames. These frames can either have lights or even mirror.

3. Thin strip of light

In case you do not want an imposing false ceiling then the best way to decorate them is with thin strips of light. Such ceilings look delicate and do not take away from the decor of the rest of the room.

4. Backlights with chandelier

Simple false ceiling with pockets can also be decorated with magnificent chandeliers to create a decor statement. These light fixtures act as the focal piece in the entire room.

5. Darker colour

Another way to create a unique looking false ceiling is by painting it with a dark colour. The roof of this room has been colour coordinated with elements like the curtains and the focal wall.

6. Rustic look

If you want a rustic looking false ceiling, then you can try creating small wooden beams. To make it look even more beautiful, you can add lights to it as well.

7. Light and dark

Another way to jazz up your false ceiling design is with the help of dual colour tones. Opting for a light and dark colour strips can be the most straightforward way of achieving a similar look as seen in this picture.

8. Accent colour

In case the rest of your room is decorated with subtle colours then you can paint your fall ceiling with an accent shade as well. It will help pull the entire look together.

9. Parallel lights

You do not have to always opt for a square or rectangle false ceiling design. Instead, you can also choose parallel strips of a false ceiling with lights.

10. Delicate design

You can also incorporate prints on your false ceiling to make it look elegant and regal. By putting a light fixture behind the design, you will be able to highlight it during the night.

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