Sunday Cleaning Routine For Your Apartment [Video]

Welcome to the world of efficient cleaning! In this addictive video, we will accompany Jack, a cleanliness freak who loves to keep his apartment spotless. From washing clothes to polishing furniture, discover how he transforms his home with a complet…

@jack.designs It’s that time of the week again, time for The SUPER Sunday Reset!!! For some reason this one took way longer to edit…hope you enjoy!!! 🥰 P.S - can you spot what new cleaning gadget I got and I’m obsessed with? 👀 P.p.s - I’ll add products used into the comments as usual 🥳 * @dyson products featured have very kindly been gifted as I’m a brand ambassador 😇 #weeklyreset #sundayreset #cleanwithme #cleaningmotivation #asmr #speedclean #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #satisfyingcleans ♬ original sound - Jack Callaghan
28 February, 2024

7 Aromas That Reduce Stress: Aromatherapy At Home

Have you ever smelled a fragrance that made you sigh with instant relief or transported you to a state of immediate calm? Aromas have surprising power, both physical and psychological.

26 February, 2024

28 Chill-Out Terrace Designs That Eliminate Stress

Do you need a break without having to leave home? Then Chill-Out terraces are just what you need! These spaces, meticulously designed by professionals for relaxation and tranquility, offer an oasis of calm amid the daily hustle and bustle.

26 February, 2024

20 Wonderful Bedrooms Less Than 6 Square Meters

Each bedroom has a unique charm. The bedroom requires special attention due to its intimate nature or a cozy place to rest and relax. If the challenge of small dimensions is added, achieving a small and charming bedroom becomes an exciting opportunit…

25 February, 2024

Dining Tables: Round or Square, What's Best For Your Home?

Today, we have inspiration for those of you looking for a new dining table for the dining room. You need to know more about the shape of the table and need clarification: Which takes up less space, a round or rectangular table? Which shape is more co…

20 February, 2024

The Perfect Color Palette For The House Facade

The facade is the business card of a house because it determines the first impression visitors get of the home. That's why choosing the right color for the facade is particularly important.

15 February, 2024

7 Feng Shui Tricks To Attract More Money Into Your House

In today's idea book, we will explore the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui. The old Far Eastern tradition of Feng Shui is all about constructing, designing, and decorating a house to attract and optimize the flow of energy, or what the Chinese call the…

11 February, 2024

15 Amazing Ideas to Decorate a White Wall

The right wall decoration can completely transform our rooms. You don't need to decorate the whole house in eye-catching colors to attract admiration. White walls are among the most popular options for creating a beautiful, calming atmosphere.

10 February, 2024

With these 6 tips, Soundproof your Apartment from Outside Noise!

When viewing the apartment and moving in, you usually don't notice how noisy an apartment or house is and how much noise comes into the living space from neighbors and the street.

10 February, 2024

15 small and affordable modular kitchens

Are you a fan of a small, functional kitchen where you can cram all your equipments and spices in a relatively small space and still can freely move to prepare your meals? Then these 15 kitchen designs will surely inspire you!

yudith prawitasari – homify yudith prawitasari – homify
04 December, 2018