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AT is a present - time studio evolving in the field of Modern Architecture. Our core belief is characterised by a pragmatic approach in designing spaces with meticulous accuracy even to the niche of the spaces, we create a balanced and evolved design development using all the best possibilities to develop each project efficiently bridging the gap between architecture and building technology is of utmost importance in urban design and architecture.
AT formed in 2015 with 6 team members are not enamoured by passing stylistic concerns but rather seek to provide our projects with a form that is energy efficient, flexible to the requirements of the client and is responsive to the physical, socio-economical and culture context in which it is located. Longevity of our projects and their long terms performance is what drives us towards a genuine push towards design excellence.

24X7 Park, 14th Floor, L.B.S Marg, Vikhroli (west),Mumbai- 83
4000083 Mumbai