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Immigration Reform Essays

Most countries, in some form or another, have immigrant populations and therefore immigration issues with which to contend. These issues are usually addressed via specific laws and policies on immigration.  Sometimes those laws and policies need to be reformed.  Hence, we have immigration reform.  Immigration reform is needed to ensure the welfare of a country's citizens, economy and society as well as the welfare of the immigrants.  Legal issues, safety issues, employment issues are all part of the immigration reform topic and are the focus of immigration reform essays.  In fact many of the issues raised in essays on illegal immigration, essays on terrorism and essays on the pros and cons of outsourcing are also raised in immigration reform essays.

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Immigration reform is a particularly hot topic in the United States, which makes the US a good starting point for immigration reform essays.  The current debate over immigration reform in the state of Arizona is a good example of immigration reform efforts in the US and the many controversies this issue stirs up.  Immigration reform essays should specifically examine and analyze this recent attempt.  Of course, immigration reform essays should make it clear that legal and illegal immigration are entirely different and therefore viewed and treated as entirely different matters.  The reasons that many people are pressing for immigration reform should also be discussed in immigration reform essays.  There is concern about the pressure placed on the economic and natural resources of a country as a result of unchecked immigration as well as concern for the impact that unchecked immigration has on the social programs, crime rate and culture of a country.  On the other hand, immigration reform must also address the needs of the health and education needs of immigrants as well as their right to seek a better life.  These are just some of the many issues that need to be addressed in immigration reform essays.  Since these same issues affect many countries with large immigrant populations, a global look at this issue and how it impacts different countries is also an important discussion to include.

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