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  1. :  Wooden houses by An Phat, Classic بانس Green
  2.  Houses by CABRAL Arquitetos, Rustic ٹھوس لکڑی Multicolored
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  4.  Houses by homify, Country
  5.  Houses by KITUR, Country
  6.  Houses by homify, Modern پتھر
  7.  Houses by fc3arquitectura, Modern
  8. Need help with your home project?
  9.  Houses by ARRIVETZ & BELLE, Modern
  10.  Wooden houses by Rusticasa, Rustic لکڑی Wood effect
  11.  Houses by Pracownia Projektowa ARCHIPELAG, Modern
  12.  Houses by ARQ. María Florencia Fernández, Modern پتھر
  13.  Houses by ARRIVETZ & BELLE, Modern
  14.  Detached home by GF ARQUITECTOS, Modern مضبوط کیا گیا کنکریٹ
  15.  Houses by Petillo Arquitetura, Modern میٹل
  16.  Wooden houses by selin tomruk evleri, Classic
  17.  Houses by Studio tanpopo-gumi 一級建築士事務所, Asian
  18.  Country house by Cíntia Schirmer | arquiteta e urbanista, Rustic اینٹوں
  19.  Houses by 一級建築士事務所haus, Modern
  20.  Houses by homify, Modern
  21.  Villas by UK DESIGN STUDIO - KIẾN TRÚC UK, Modern
  22.  Wooden houses by Rusticasa, Rustic ٹھوس لکڑی Multicolored
  23.  Prefabricated home by homify, Modern
  24.  Houses by homify, Modern
  25.  Houses by Nico Papalia Architect, Modern
  26.  Small houses by Helicoide Estudio de Arquitectura, Modern
  27.  Country house by Maria Claudia Faro, Country
  28.  Houses by arc-d, Modern
  29.  Houses by BALD architecture, Modern
  30.  Houses by Wentworth Construction, Minimalist کنکریٹ
  31.  Houses by Urban Habitat Architects, Modern لکڑی Wood effect
  32.  Houses by Arquiteto Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris, Modern
  33.  Bungalow by ThirdVendor - Architects, Classic پتھر