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  1.  Living room by gOO Arquitectos, Minimalist ٹائلیں
  2.  Houses by Ferraro Habitat, Minimalist
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  4.  Houses by arQing, Minimalist
  5.  Living room by Design Essentials, Minimalist
  6.  Bathroom by Rusticasa, Minimalist لکڑی Wood effect
  7.  Living room by homify, Minimalist
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  9.  Study/office by homify, Minimalist
  10.  Nursery/kid’s room by INT2architecture, Minimalist
  11.  Kitchen by DR Arquitectos , Minimalist
  12.  Living room by studio ferlazzo natoli, Minimalist
  13.  Stairs by 木耳生活藝術, Minimalist
  14.  Corridor & hallway by 果仁室內裝修設計有限公司, Minimalist
  15.  Terrace by [ER+] Arquitectura y Construcción, Minimalist
  16.  Bathroom by EF_Archidesign, Minimalist
  17.  Walls by E&C創意設計有限公司, Minimalist
  18.  Houses by Architects Unbound (Pty) Ltd., Minimalist
  19.  Houses by Arte 5 Remodelaciones, Minimalist
  20.  Bedroom by A Design Studio, Minimalist لکڑی Wood effect
  21.  Bedroom by n design studio, Minimalist
  22.  Bedroom by n design studio, Minimalist
  23.  Detached home by zetka arsitek, Minimalist گلاس
  24.  Dressing room by ASVS Arquitectos Associados, Minimalist
  25.  Living room by 思維空間設計  , Minimalist
  26.  Houses by Padovani Arquitetos + Associados, Minimalist
  27.  Kitchen by PROYECTOS EN MELAMINE, Minimalist
  28.  Kitchen by Grupo Arsciniest, Minimalist
  29.  Garden by Zendo 深度空間設計, Minimalist
  30.  Built-in kitchens by K+A COCINAS Y ACABADOS DE MONTERREY SA DE CV, Minimalist لکڑی Wood effect
  31.  Sauna by faktor holz, Minimalist
  32.  Living room by E&C創意設計有限公司, Minimalist
  33.  Detached home by 1.61 Arquitectos, Minimalist