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  1. by L'eau Design Modern
  2. by 極簡室內設計 Simple Design Studio Modern
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  4. by dBLuM Project Management Modern
  5. by AAG architecten Modern لکڑی پلاسٹک جامع
  6. by Zerca Modern
  7. by 百玥空間設計 Modern ٹھوس لکڑی Multicolored
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  9. by MSBT 幔室布緹 Modern لکڑی Wood effect
  10. by yücel partners Modern لکڑی Wood effect
  11. The Selfless House by LIJO.RENY.architects Modern
  12. by 큐브디자인 건축사사무소 Modern
  13. by BAG arquitectura Modern آئرن / اسٹیل
  14. by Base-Arquitectura Modern
  15. by Muraliarchitects Modern
  16. by Sap Srl Modern
  17. Riyadh House by arqflores / architect Modern
  18. by Staino&Staino Modern
  19. by DECORIAN Modern
  20. by daniela kuhn arquitetura Modern
  21. by epb arquitectura Modern
  22. Shivaji Park by TRINITY DESIGN STUDIO Modern
  23. by Tinnirello Design Porte e Infissi Modern پلاسٹک
  24. by studio di progettazione architetto caterina martini Modern
  25. by 勝暉建築工程行 Modern
  26. by 藤原・室 建築設計事務所 Modern
  27. by DANKE Architekten Modern
  28. by Ignisterra S.A. Modern لکڑی Wood effect
  29. by prarthit shah architects Modern
  30. by homify Modern
  31. by Excelencia en Diseño Modern
  32. by AR STUDIO Modern
  33. by MLeP - Marisa Lima Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura Lda. Modern